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I’m Julie. A 28 year old mama, daughter, sister, friend, and lover. Actor turned pre-Med and environmental science student. Big city dweller to small town settler. Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. “Mama sana” means “healthy mama”; Mama Sana Life is a healthy lifestyle blog for all mamas. It’s helpful, inspiring, and most of all, attainable. 

Mama Sana Life Spotlight: Lauren Caston

 Lauren at the top of the steps of Balance Fitness Studio 

Lauren at the top of the steps of Balance Fitness Studio 

 Sweet Romie and her big brother, Parker

Sweet Romie and her big brother, Parker

Lauren Caston, from Cleveland, Mississippi, is a mama to 18-year-old Parker and 7-year-old, Romie. Her mama duties range from baseball games and high school senior activities to  dance recitals and helping with 1st grade reading fair projects. Not to mention, she co-owns Balance Fitness Studio in downtown Cleveland, Mississippi, where she teaches cardio/strength,  step, Piloxing, and reformer pilates classes.  Through the hustle and bustle of 'mama-hood' and the running of a business, such as Balance, I ask Lauren how she does it all, along with maintain such great energy. Oh, did I mention she's a ball of energy?!

What does a day in your life look like?

 Walking through the doors of  Balance Fitness  

Walking through the doors of Balance Fitness  

At 5 AM, I am usually the first one up in my house. I start my day off with coffee, exercise (I teach BeFit, a cardio/strength class at 5:15 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and a little quiet time back home. Finally, I wake everyone up and get the day going. Everyones dressed and out the door by 8 AM, and I'm off to the studio. It's e-mails, phone calls, punching numbers, and everything that comes along with owning a business, with group fitness and pilates classes thrown in between. Then, by 3 o'clock,  it's time to pick up the little one, and I'm back on mama duty! 


What's your morning ritual? 

After coffee and my early morning class, I go home for MORE coffee and I use this time for my devotional to destress and reconnect a little before the crazy day begins. 

Why do you choose to lead a Mama Sana (healthy) lifestyle?

I, honestly, attribute leading a healthy lifestyle to MY mama! She has always taught me the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits. She'd tell me, "it's a way of life".  I really have never known any different. 

How does your family benefit from your Mama Sana Life? 

Just as I did, my children will learn, by example, how to lead a healthy life. Children learn so much by actions! Me choosing to live a healthy lifestyle will guide them into their own healthy futures. 

Love! Okay, so what's your favorite way of getting your sweat on? 

I am a cardio fiend! High intensity cardio classes, or running, gives me a natural high. Really any form of sweaty cardio works for me! Early AM sweat sessions are my FAVORITE! 

Favorite clean recipe?

Cabbage Stir-Fry

1 lb of lean hamburger meat
1 can of Rotel tomato
1 head of cabbage
1 cup of brown rice
Italian seasonings
Mix altogether in a skillet, voila!

YUM! Finally, what is your #1 tip for mamas aspiring to lead healthier, happier lives? 

 Sweat it out! Seriously. Also, take time for yourself every single day, even if it's just 10 minutes. You have to find a way to reconnect and destress from life's crazy distractions. Then, you can be a better wife, mother, friend, person; a better YOU! 

 In the reformer room, where Lauren teaches Pilates throughout the day. 

In the reformer room, where Lauren teaches Pilates throughout the day. 

If ever you find yourselves in the Mississippi Delta area, I highly recommend checking out Balance Fitness Studio. They offer an array of classes and specialize in reformer pilates. Visit for classes and schedule. 

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