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I’m Julie. A 28 year old mama, daughter, sister, friend, and lover. Actor turned pre-Med and environmental science student. Big city dweller to small town settler. Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. “Mama sana” means “healthy mama”; Mama Sana Life is a healthy lifestyle blog for all mamas. It’s helpful, inspiring, and most of all, attainable. 

Foam Rolling

                                              Shirt: Allyn Hinton's Balance tanks available at  Balance Fitness Studio !

                                             Shirt: Allyn Hinton's Balance tanks available at Balance Fitness Studio!

You know when you're so sore, you can barely walk? So sore, at times, that you HAVE to skip a day, cause you're just THAT sore? Yeah, I've been there, but there's a remedy; FOAM ROLLING! 

What is it? Foam rolling, aka self-myofascial release, is a way of self-massaging to release muscle tightness. Applying pressure to target areas on your body aids in the recovery of muscles and helps them get back to functioning normally; elastic, healthy, and ready to get back to work. 

Where to use it? Target areas can be identified because they are usually sore, tight, and painful when pressure is applied. They can be anywhere from your calves and shoulder blades to your glutes and lower back. When rolling on these areas you will experience some discomfort or, even, pain, but it's a feels so good, it hurts, pain. Like stretching, it will feel soo much better when your done! 

Why foam roll? You know where there is a knot in a rope, and when you pull on it, it doesn't go away, it just get's tighter? That's kinda what happens to your muscles, too. Stretching only creates tension, the knot remains unaltered. Foam rolling helps break up these knots in the muscle, gets blood flow back to normal, and restores healthy tissue.  The deep compression helps break up and relax tight muscles and the adhesions formed between the layers of muscle and their surroundings.

The RocknRoller by the creators of RockTape is an awesome foam roller. It has patented surface palpates that push blood out of muscles to accelerate recovery. It's, also, super convenient with a carrying strap and removable end caps to store whatever it is you'd like. Plus, it comes with a Movement Manifesto, so you can learn more about foam rolling, and a lay-flat instructional poster on how to use the RocknRoller! 

RocknRoller Giveaway

Beginning May 11th-May 15th, make sure your following Mama Sana Life on Instagram (@Mama.Sana.Life), be on the lookout for the RocknRoller Giveaway post, like + share, and you have a chance to win your very own RocknRoller, as well as the carrying strap, lay-flat instructional poster, and the Movement Manifesto booklet. Good luck, mamas!

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