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Pyramid Sets

Pyramid Sets

After a few months of straight sets using the same weights, you might find yourself no longer challenged. No challenge, equals no growth and thats no bueno! Thats where pyramid sets come in. 

What is a pyramid set?

A pyramid set is simply a way in which a set of exercises is performed. Starting at a set rep and ascending, or descending, in this case, the number of reps each time. For example:

  1. 10 reps
  2. rest
  3. 9 reps
  4. rest
  5. 8 reps
  6. rest
    ..and so on...

Benefits of Pyramid Sets 

  • change in workout keeps boredom at bay
  • same weight for all reps
  • getcha outta that plateau!
  • can be used for fat loss, strength building, or conditioning
  • endless combinations
  • short, but SWEAT!

Try it out! 

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